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FlavourArt stands out for the uncommon tradition of blending flavours starting from raw materials, with the ability to manage the entire production chain, ensuring high control through certified quality standards and innovative health impact assessment.

Founded in 2006 from an idea of Massimiliano (Max) Mancini and Anna Facchino, husband and wife: to create a small company for the production of food flavourings, having more than twenty years of work experience in major multinationals of the sector, a degree in Organic Chemistry and the passion for perfection; the same elements that nowadays built the company essence.

FlavourArt has always been a pioneer (in 2007 it created one of the first online stores, to directly introduce its range of flavours to the end user), in 2009 it made the first appearance in the still little-known world of vaping; no one could imagine the impact FlavourArt would have on the vaping community.

A question was enough to trigger a chain of incredible events: “Can your flavours be used in electronic cigarettes?”

It’s this simple question arose from a discussion that inspired Max to evaluate the possibility of developing specific products for this unusual application. In the following years FlavourArt has been constantly committed to employing its talents in research, experimentation, quality and safety of use. Many of the achieved works were ground-breaking for the industry and required significant financial investments.

Today FlavourArt from the headquarter in Oleggio (NO), a premise that’s certified in quality ISO: 9001 and in environmental sustainability ISO:14001, distributes its products to the whole world.

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