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20ML VapeAway Flavour (Cask One)

This aroma has steeping in oak casks for 16 weeks before it has been poured into bottles. Cask One is an unrivaled tobacco aroma with amazing and...

30ML VapeAway Flavour (Season)

A well-tuned e-tobacco with fresh fruit flavours. In the interplay between oriental eTobak and California Key-Lime Suggested retail price: €23,99

30ML VapeAway Flavour (CoolDay)

CoolDay tastes like a common menthol cigarette. Based on three classic tobaccos: Virginia, Burley and Turkish Tobacco - Ruff cut. Suggested retail...

30ML VapeAway Flavour (NooN)

NooN is based on Hawaiian and Nicaraguan ruff cut tobacco leaves in combination with wiskey storage. A truly unique tobacco flavor. Suggested...