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Flavor West Manufacturing LLC., is family owned and operated and has been since their founding in 2012. Located in Lake Elsinore, California, they bring over twenty years of experience to the table, allowing their team to develop premium quality products that customers can trust. From their humble beginnings to being one of the largest supplier of concentrated flavouring on the web, Flavor West still focus on being the best in the industry.

Flavor West know that all you really want is a delicious tasting, high quality food grade concentrated flavouring, and that’s precisely what Flavor West bring you.

Of course, quality is just as important as taste, which is why Flavor West have an unmatched quality control team in-house, making sure every batch meets their stringent standards. Every batch also meets the industry’s top requirements for manufacturing. Flavor Wests products are risk free for consumers regardless of use.

Whether you love the taste of granny apple, banana, amaretto, brandy or blood orange, Flavor West got a delectable selection of yummy flavouring ready for you to dive into.

Flavor West's mission is to provide the largest selection of premium, high quality concentrated flavouring available at the best prices possible.

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