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10ML Secrets Aroma (Black Licorice Caramels)
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Secrets Flavour (Black Licorice...

Soft and chewy licorice caramels. Remember those?This tasty Secret will take you right back to good times gone by. Intense licorice with hints of...
10ML Secrets Aroma (Shake a Snake)
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Secrets Flavour (Shake a Snake)

This is a Secret that is hard to describe. Think pineapple, coconut and grapefruit,anised...and then a "Twist of Secret"The result is an amazing...
10ML Secrets Aroma (Sweet Licorice)
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Secrets Flavour (Sweet Licorice)

Sweet red licorice with a secret twist. Made for the lover of sweet licorice - and for you who didn't even knew that this would be your favourite...
10ML Secrets Aroma (Mellow Nights)
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Secrets Flavour (Mellow Nights)

Enjoy the sweet caress of night with this special little Secret. Mellow Nights is the real taste of tobacco: Soft but still with a bite.
10ML Secrets Aroma (Cool Lips)
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Secrets Flavour (Cool Lips)

Cool lips - for cool vapors. If you enjoy a rush of menthol, you will love this Secret. If you are not sure...Cool Lips will make you love it. It's...
10ML Secrets Aroma (Adams Bobbles)
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Secrets Flavour (Adams Bobbles)

Adams bobbles is a "taste of days gone by" - the sweet taste of pink bubblegum. A trip down memory lane to a time when the bubbles were bigger and...
10ML Secrets Aroma (S*More Fan-Tasty)
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Secrets Flavour (S*More Fan-Tasty)

...or just a lover of a sweet and tasty flavour with a twist of Secret?S*Mores is the all time favourite taste of a Graham Crackers combined with...
10ML Secrets Aroma (Muy Jito)
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Secrets Flavour (Muy Jito)

Mojito's are oh so nice!If you enjoy them all day long, though, you might have a problem. Unless it's Secret's muyJito of course - then you'll be...
10ML Secrets Aroma (BlueBlueBerries)
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Secrets Flavour (BlueBlueBerries)

Blue lips shakes hips. The sweet taste of blueberries with a Muffin twist will make you dance with enjoyment. A wonderful distinct flavor that can...
10ML Secrets Aroma (RY4 Me and You)
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Secrets Flavour (RY4 Me and You)

Ry4 has always been a beloved flavour but this Secret gives the well known taste an exciting new dimension: Deeper and more full-bodied but at the...
10ML Secrets Aroma (The Milky Way)
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Secrets Flavour (The Milky Way)

The stars of the Milky Way hide endless Secrets. This exquisite flavour is one of the best. If you like a sweet liquid, this will provide a...
10ML Secrets Aroma (Granny's Vanille Custard)
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Secrets Flavour (Granny's Vanille...

Granny's Vanille Custard. Sweet memories from days gone by will infuse your senses as you enjoy this delicious vape. With fine notes of vanilla and...