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BLÄST Flavour (Morgenguffer)

Peanut Butter & Jelly sensation. Delightfull, round and mild - exactly like you want it Suggested retail price: €7,9

10ML Unknown Originals (2Bacco)

2Bacco (Bubbers Bounty V2) is a creamy and sweet tobacco flavour. 2Bacco is a complex composition in which rich and aromatic tobacco plays the lead...

10ML Unknown Originals (Brothers...

Yum, this aroma is like a nice morning at the table, where there is a delicious bowl of cereal and ice cold milk. Tasteful and creamy at the same...

10ML Unknown Originals (PikaJuice)

The flavour that will make go electric! A delicious and freshly baked lemon sponge cake. "PikaJuice I choose you!" Suggested retail price: €7,9 

Crafted Flavour (Desserted)

Desserted is a sensationally delicious custard with a mysterious twist. It contains over 15 different flavours, which together create an amazingly...

10ML COPSA Flavour (Green Tobacco)

If you love the taste of menthol cigarettes, Green Tobacco is just for you. You can hardly get any closer to an authentic taste of menthol cigarettes.