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Perfumers Apprentice/Flavor Apprentice was started in 2004 and is today a large and world-renowned company that, among other things, produces flavours used for DIY E-liquids. All flavours from Perfumers Apprentice are made under sterile and safe conditions and according to strict food approved procedures.
To ensure the best quality, Perfumers Apprentice/Flavor Apprentice uses only 3 manufacturers of raw materials, this ensures that the taste experience in each product is exactly the same from batch to batch. All ingredients used in Perfumers Apprentice flavours are specially selected to ensure the best possible flavour experience.

To ensure that only certified food grade products are used, the FDA conducts inspections to make sure everything is in compliance with legislation.
Perfumers Apprentice/Flavor Apprentice meets all applicable standards when it comes to production, raw material/finished product testing.

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